Gf Revenge 6 (GF REVENGE)

100% All Amateur Girlfriend Submission!

Girlfriend Revenge Videos! Naked Ex-Girlfriends Fucking, Sucking & Teasing!

Sexy spread there’s nothing hotter than a sexy girl doing house work with her tits hanging out. According to this week’s submission, this babe loved hanging around in the nude!

Restroom Rebels this guy gets his girlfriend to give him a monster blow job and then proceeds to fuck her in every which way in a bathroom!

Team of titties 6 smokin’ hot, college aged babes throw on the campus sporting equipment and hit the bus for the ride of our lives. They make out, suck each other’s tits and hot, wet pussies!

Naughty Naomi this week’s submission features Naomi, a sexy and slim ebony babe that, unlike many girls on ‘GFR,’ isn’t shy when it comes to showing off in front of the camera!

Get her groomed as you’ll see in this video, neither one of the girls are very shy about being on camera. The brunette friend was okay with watching the two have sex, but once it got hardcore, she took off!

Much to see as you’ll see for yourself, this guy explains that his girlfriend loved giving blowjobs and she was super wild in bed. After a while, he met another girl and that was that!

Ramming Renae she tells us that she has always loved filming herself having sex and she has tons of videos on her cell phone. However, she had her man break out a camera to film this awesome scene!



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